Global Compact on Migration

GCM is actively engaged in leading civil society and migrant organizing on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration towards its adoption by Member States in 2018.

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Compact Updates

Regional Civil Society Consultations

Migrant Forum in Asia co-organized the first in a series of Regional Civil Society Consultations to raise the voices of migrant communities on the ground towards the Global Compact on Migration. The next regional consultations will be held in Beirut … [Read more…]


Global Coalition on Migration
Global Coalition on Migration shared United Nations Human Rights's video.Thursday, January 18th, 2018 at 12:22pm

Wonderful video on the courage and dignity of migrants, migrant women and workers. #ForMigration

Global Coalition on Migration
United Nations Human Rights
Love has no boundaries. Listen to Alene share her dreams and story with her teenage son, Eli. How far would you go to support someone you love? #StandUp4Migrants #StandUp4HumanRights