Regional Civil Society Consultations

Migrant Forum in Asia co-organized the first in a series of Regional Civil Society Consultations to raise the voices of migrant communities on the ground towards the Global Compact on Migration. The next regional consultations will be held in Beirut for the MENA region and Bamako for Africa. Stay updated at the new official site:

Global Coalition on Migration members are organizing a series of Regional Civil Society Consultations (RCSCs) in collaboration with other organizational partners.  The consultations engage a wide spectrum of grassroots migrant organizations, regional networks, trade unions, researchers and refugee organizations in order to highlight the unique perspective across regions towards the Global Compact.
The Global Coalition on Migration is supporting civil society mobilization and synthesis of outcomes from RCSCs to lift up the voices and recommendations of migrant communities and regions towards the Civil Society and Intergovernmental Stock-taking conference in Guadalajara, Mexico in December 2017.
For a calendar of consultations and ongoing developments, visit the site for the RCSCs on the official UN website on Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants on both compacts:
For information on how to engage in or support the RCSCs, contact: