UN High Level Summit

On September 19, 2016, the United Nations General Assembly will host a High Level Summit to Address Large Movements of Migrants & Refugees. This Summit is organized in response to the unprecedented numbers of migrants and refugees moving across borders and the associated humanitarian and human rights concerns that they face. This is the first time the UN has called together Heads of State or Government to discuss a coordinated approach to these large-scale migrations.


Out of this September 19th Summit, a negotiated outcome document will be published in the form of a declaration with two annexes—one on migration and one on refugees. The Annex on Migration sets out a 2-year road map for the elaboration and adoption of a “Global Compact for Safe, Regular, and Orderly Migration.” The Annex on Refugees sets out a Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) and a similar 2-year road map towards a Global Compact on Refugees. The texts of all 3 documents were adopted on August 2, 2016.

You can download the documents here:


  • July 18, 2016: The UN held an Interactive Multistakeholder Hearing to collect input from civil society on the draft of the Outcome Document, the draft of the Refugee Compact, and process. We were fortunate to have strong GCM representation in these discussions, both through official interventions and from the floor. You can view the full proceedings here: part one and part two. You can also read the Summary Document and view our Twitter feed (@GCMigration) for our live tweets of the hearings.
  • July 18 to present: Negotiations among governments continue towards the finalization of the Outcome Document/Declaration. It is only until the end of July that civil society has the chance to influence what is included in this document, which will set the direction for the Global Compact on Migration and the CRRF.
  • August 2: Member states adopt the draft declaration and both annexes.
  • September 19: Heads of State/Government will convene in New York for the High Level Summit on Addressing Large Movements of Migrants & Refugees




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