Migrant Rights are Human Rights

Migrant Rights are Human Rights


As governments convene to adopt the Global Compact on Safe, Regular, and Orderly Migration (GCM) in Marrakech –  a city historically defined and enriched by the movement of people and goods – the Global Coalition on Migration urges world leaders, human rights defenders, media, educators, and the general public, following this historic moment, to consider that movement is part of the human condition. Mobility is Human and the GCM is a critical opportunity to promote and ensure the interests, safety, and rights of people on the move – the human rights of migrants. Policies aimed at intimidation and deterrence of migration rob people of the ability to contribute to society and assault the social fabric of communities — leaving them vulnerable to conflict.

The Global Coalition on Migration brings together a diverse membership, representing different regions and sectors of civil society.  We are united in our call for human mobility policies that respect the rights of individuals, and recognizes the importance of migration to our shared well-being throughout the whole of society.   . The scapegoating of migrants, especially at this juncture in migration governance, can only lead to an erosion of trust in intergovernmental processes and further division.

We hope the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration — representing a commitment towards multilateralism and international cooperation —  will be a turning point towards ensuring better circumstances and conditions for human mobility. In order to leverage the powerful energy and momentum behind the Global Compact for the benefit of individuals, families, neighbourhoods, cities, and fundamentally – nations – we believe the following ideas must be defended:

  • Implementing national policies that respect international human rights law. #MigrantRightsHumanRights
  • Offering new and expanded pathways and opportunities for safe, regular and orderly migration. #MigrantRightsHumanRights
  • Building new narratives around shared values and tolerance #MigrantRightsHumanRights
  • Promoting facts and listening to the stories of people caught in the cracks of failed migration policies  #MigrantRightsHumanRights
  • Building policies that champion family unity and protections for children seeking safety #MigrantRightsHumanRights
  • Recognizing climate change and building protections for growing numbers of people it will displace #MigrantRightsHumanRights
  • Prioritizing the experiences and perspectives of women in the implementation of  migration policies. #MigrantRightsHumanRights
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